Monday, January 23, 2006

Day 8 - Traveling Again

We had to get up early on the 2nd. On this day, my youngest celebrated his first birthday and when I say early, I mean 3:00 AM. We loaded up the two vans and headed for the Manila airport.

We started off at about 4:00 with a two and half hour drive so we could get to the airport to check in between 6:30 and 7. Our 9:00 flight would take us to Iloilo City, the largest city near my mom's hometown of Sara. A little more than an hour... not so bad.

Of course getting through the airport with 25 or so people now wasn't easy. And Shannon was especially annoyed as she essentially got felt up going through security.

We got some doughnuts as we waited, but the odd thing was the drink they had was Gatorade. I don't know if I was missing something, but it seems Gatorade over there is something you drink with meals.

The plane ride was a rough one for me. One doughnut and a little 7up was more than I could handle with whatever stomach thing I had caught... because I threw up on the plane. I actually felt significantly better after that.

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