Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Day 8 - Sara

My mom's hometown of Sara is about two hours from Iloilo City. We had hired three new vans (different island now) and about half way there, one of them broke down. We were eventually able to get another one and get the rest of my relatives to my mom's childhood home.

It's funny, they have done so much to the yard, I barely recognized it. But once we were inside, the memories started to flow. There were even smells that were familiar to me. Unfortunately, I had started to feel sick again and spent much of my time in bed.

My aunt (mom's sister) made sure to have a cake for our baby's first birthday.

When I was up, it was fascinating for me to see pictures of my mom from when she was young. She was second in her class in high school and won awards for... journalism. Her family runs a school in town that they started just after world war two, so children who didn't live in the city had a quality place to learn.

The story of the struggles her family went through just after she was born are amazing. You see, my parents were children in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation. After my mom was born, her family had to flee to remote areas of the province. As the story goes, my grandmother's milk dried up and they kept my mom alive by mashing up rice into a paste like substance.

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