Monday, January 23, 2006

Day 8 - Iloilo City

Our first stop was the mall. It wasn't too much different than the malls you'll see here. Many local stores, but some from the states. I stopped at a Nike store and did the math on shoes just out of curiosity. A little cheaper, but not much... I'm guessing based on the market. Clothes and other items at local stores were good deals though.

Okay, so on to food. We had been eating pretty much the same three or four things at our hotel and the two or three other things when we got together with family, so we were all ready for a little taste of home. And of course we found it: McDonald's.

Even though I had thrown up a couple hours before, I was willing to risk it for a double cheeseburger, fries and a coke.

It tasted pretty much the same, but there are some differences between the golden arches here and there. For one, the idea of ordering by number, despite them having the numbers up on the wall, hasn't really caught on. I would order a number meal, and the person behind the counter would then ask specifically if I'd like each part of the meal. It was kind of like being in that movie "Lost In Translation."

The food was good... and I kept it down which was better.

After that we spent some time in the mall. My mom and dad took the two older kids so Shannon and I walked around with the birthday boy. Walking through this mall with my blonde haired, blue eyed, very American looking wife was an eye-opener. It was like being with a rock star... the stares and smiles she got were constant. I'm sure many the only times many of the people here see someone who looks like her are when they are watching sitcoms from the US.

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