Sunday, January 29, 2006

Best Of Luck, John

Tonight is John Alois' last night at WMBD. He's a solid sportscaster and a heck of a nice guy. John has already started in his new job as a video producer at State Farm, but tonight is his last broadcast hurrah.

John had a "going away" party last night and something Shannon and I noticed is that although the faces have changed dramatically since we worked there, there is a camraderie that remains amongst the staff. I don't know if it is the culture of the station or what, but it is nice to see.

Update: A really classy goodbye.


Alan said...

Always sad to see the good ones move on. Good luck, John!

Dark Charmer said...

I do agree, Alan. However all I am gonna say is John deserves his successes whereever they may be. In terms of his choice in career changes, I have heard that State Farm pays well and the man does have a family to support, and even though WMBD doesn't pay in peanuts or anything.. John did what he flet was best for the overall welfare of his family and as a mother, I have nothing but love for a man sophisticated and caring enough to do that.