Monday, December 26, 2005

Ten Years Ago This Week…

As we were driving up to Chicago tonight, I realized that this is a significant week in my life. It was ten years ago this week that I did something to significantly change the course of my career and my life as documented in one of my first posts and a later one.

And eight years ago this week, I flew home to surprise my parents and spend a romantic day and a half with a girl who wouldn’t move across country with me… at least not then. This first visit was big for us because with the distance, it could have been easy enough for both of us to “move on” without the other.

Shannon and I were talking about this and I wondered aloud what might have happened to me. She thinks I’d still be in news in some big market. Maybe, but I think I’d be alone. Just a hunch. I looked back at my kids, laughing at a DVD they were watching and realized a different path would mean I wouldn’t have them and told her, “it wouldn’t have been worth it” because in the end... it just wouldn’t.

It is amazing where life takes you… and I am so thankful for the different experiences I’ve had and the gifts I have received, but especially for this family I have been blessed with.

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