Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lots Of Jobs In Market 117

Sweeps is over... the holidays are here... and there are lots of TV news job openings in Market 117.

WEEK is looking for a reporter and a 5pm producer (BTW, Shannon is doing some fill in producing next week, but she's not giving up her job that pays in hugs and kisses).

WHOI has ads posted for a morning anchor, reporter and an executive producer.

WMBD is looking for a photographer and a reporter.

This is the kind of situation I would have jumped at while in college. This is a perfect roadtrip situation for someone in a smaller market or someone in a larger market who is either part time or doing more support work and wants to get full time experience.


Anonymous said...

Is HOI really trying hard to fill that morning anchor position? Its been open for like six months now.

Jessamyn said...

Nobody wants to work for WHOI, they're a failing station who wont allow college students and people with an interest in broadcasting tour thier studios and offices.
That's a fact because I know.

Edgar said...


I'm going to have to disagree with you. While they may struggle in the ratings, they've got many hard working people and when they have openings, lots of people send tapes. It is the nature of the business.

Maybe they didn't let you take a tour, but that doesn't make it a fact that people don't want to work there.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if they do individual tours, but when I worked there a few years ago they had a lot of Cub Scout groups touring at night, and a former director there who teaches a broadcasting class at Bradley would bring students in to tour and sit in on shows. They've got a small staff and it's busy all day, so I wouldn't be shocked if they didn't have time for individuals to see the station (though truthfully there ain't much to see at that particular station).

HOI has struggled for a while and it is true that people have wanted out, but then again many small stations aren't great and most people use them as a stepping stone in their career. I do think they made a very positive change in dumping Amanda. I've heard that the first week without her has been a lot less stressful, so the mood behind the scenes is definitely improving and hopefully things will snowball in a positive way for them.

Anonymous said...

Not that you're biased or anything Jessamyn, you only have a blog devoted to WMBD and then there's that whole crazy doll-making fetish we won't even get into right now. HOI is hardly failing. The numbers used to be very 1,2,and 3 when it came to ratings and demos for this market, but in recent years HOI has taken a chunk out of WMBD's #2 spot, even tieing with it in key demos and besting it when it comes to the morning show. HOI's morning show is the only tolerable AM news program anymore. I don't call that failing. And nobody wants to work there because you didn't get a damn tour in college? Puh-leeze. I don't hear the most positive things about any of the stations. In this market and in television in general, you will have your complainers and your people that just use Peoria as a stepping stone. It's completely normal. But before you make a statement about how no one wants to work for WMBD, let's hope your 2005 lookback on Newschannel 31 you are planning includes how many people left that station this year!

ANONYMOUS! said...

you took the words right out of my mouth...well said

ANONYMOUS! said...

and the comment about amanda is extremely unfair. she took that station to completely different places when she made ND. it's much better than it was say 10 years ago. i expect great things out of jolie as well.

I ate Amanda's cookie dough said...

Unfair? Took the station to new places? You must not have worked there and just watch the news and believe what you read in the newspaper.

From those horrible old blue graphics to starting every show with the words, "We'll get to that story in just a minute but first..." to try and make a story sound important (and it usually ended up being a story about Wal-Mart or something lame while the REAL top story got buried), that was all during her first half there. HOI was a solid #3 and not going anywhere. Many of us recognized this, recognized changes from graphics to writing/show format needed to be made, but nothing was ever done.

HOI has definitely improved the past few years, but the changes from graphics, set, contests and the more solid format was the result of their former promotions director. He made up the new graphics package and really helped tighten up the show. All the commericals HOI produces for local businesses, PSAs, and five second bumpers look a lot more sharp, too, yet all she would do is complain that he didn't get them done fast enough. I guess she believed in quantity over quality. He has since left, but you can obviously still see the changes he help implement.

Another example... those two nice flat screen monitors you see. Did you know Amanda was against them? Probably not. And that's exactly what I mean... anytime change for the good was involved, she seemed to be against it. New graphics, more solid format, here they have a chance to improve the look of the set (especially since the old big screen they used was dead), and they had to put up a fight with her just to get them. The GM went ahead and did it anyway. It's one thing to play devil's advocate, but to the extent she did was ridiculous, and that's why before the PD came along, the station was going nowhere under her.

She was your classic example of when things go good, she takes credit for it (even when she had nothing to do with it), and when things go bad, she blames everyone else. There's a reason why Barrington fired/didn't renew her contract.

Dark Charmer said...
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Dark Charmer said...
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Dark Charmer said...

First off If you hate Jessamyn and her webpage then do something called CLick on the forward button and quit trying to take away Jessamyn's Constitutional rights!!
Just because you hate something does NOT make it a Federal offense for Jessamyn to have it on her webpage. By the way, I can back the following statements with this one: I am Amazingly good friends with an attorney and they taught me EVERYTHING I know about my rights and the law.
As far as the WMBD NewsCaster dolls, If WMBD had a problem with ANYTHING that Jessamyn has done or plans to do by local, state, and federal anti-terrorism and anti-stalker laws as amended Post 9/11 WMBD AND THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS would be the ones therein MANDATED to tell her NOT YOU.
Secondly, those of you thusly warping Jessamyn's webpage to claim that WMBD owns their personalities like used Buicks PLEASE STOP, because the ones whom have left have done so for their own betterment. As for Jessamyn's webpage contents being contorted into claiming WMBD is perfect, CEASE THAT TOO. In her webpage deeper on many occasions it is CLEARLY declared that Jessamyn KNOWS that WMBD is NOT perfect, nor is any other station.. so all y'all that are claiming otherwise are the ones that need to get a damned clue!!!