Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Looking To Leave

WPTZ Burlington VT/Plattsburgh NY has openings for a weekend sports anchor, a producer and a photographer. I don't generally do plugs for out of market positions, but I've got a couple of reasons.

One, when I was an anchor/reporter in Monterey, the weeknight 11PM producer was Kyle Grimes who is now the ND at WPTZ. He's a great guy and I'd work for him. I won't say that about lots of people.

Two, if you're into the outdoors, Burlington is a great market. It is a beautiful part of the country... lots of skiing etc. in the winter. My sister played soccer for the University of Vermont and got to visit a few times.

It isn't significantly bigger than Peoria in terms of market size (90), but it is nice scenery and the company owns many stations in larger markets and if you do well, there is opportunity to move.

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