Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Big Changes At The Alois House

Congrats to John and Jolie Alois on quite a significant career month. John will be leaving WMBD next month for a video producer job at State Farm. Jolie has moved up to News Director at WHOI.

Like me, neither of them are from around here, but Central Illinois works out really well for the family situation and I'm glad to see good things happen for a great couple!


Dark Charmer said...

Congratulations to John Alois and Jolie on all their successes!!
May their family life work out blessedly, just as their careers obviously have!!

Dark Charmer said...

It has been basically confirmed that John Alois' professional life may not include WMBD for much longer. I can base this as follows.
Last night while I was checking out WMBD 's webpage and the new look, I spotted an ad on there for a weekend sportscaster/anchor which I have come to know is usually John's post. Well, at any rate the man has a family to support and sometimes the best interest of that does involve changes, and I seriously hope that at State Farm or whereever John Alois winds up that he knows in his heart that his young child will eventually be evermore grateful and I really do wish him well.