Monday, December 26, 2005

Anatomy Of A Fantasy Football Championship

So it happened. I won my fantasy football Super Bowl. Always helps to be a little lucky. I fielded the best possible lineup meaning no players on my bench would have helped me score higher than 118. My opponent, Joel, wasn’t as lucky. On his bench were Kyle Boller (32), Julius Jones (32) and Terry Glenn (14) which would have brought him to 121. But Boller generally stinks, and Jones/Glenn were going up against the Panthers defense on the road… so he really can’t second guess his lineup.

I think only three or four people have ever won the WEEK Alumni (now Market 117) FFL, so I’m pretty proud of my accomplishment. Much of what I know about fantasy football, I learned from Marc Strauss and he always says, it’s not about draft night, but about the adjustments you make throughout the year.

If you’ve been following along on the blog, you know that was especially true for me this year.

I started off with a core of Trent Green, Priest Holmes, Chris Brown/Thomas Jones, Terell Owens and Steve Smith.

I had a specific draft strategy of targeting a high scoring team’s (Chiefs) QB/RB combo so in theory, I’d get 90% of their touchdowns. With the elimination of our flex position this year I took an elite WR (Owens) with my second pick and targeted Smith whose stock was down coming off a broken leg. I had hoped, with Holmes being so injury prone to pick up Larry Johnson in round six, but my brother beat me to him.

I traded Green and Jones for Culpepper and Roy Williams (to someone who needed a solid RB)… traded Roy Williams for Willie Parker (to someone who needed a bye week WR) and then traded Parker to my brother for Johnson (he needed a starting RB for depth). This was my third or fourth attempt to pry Johnson away... persistence pays off.

When Culpepper went down, I dropped him and picked up Warner.

Lost Holmes, which actually worked out fantasy wise as Johnson became a true #1 RB.

I still wasn’t sure if Warner was going to be my QB, so I traded Chris Brown, Chris Simms and Laveranues Coles (to someone who needed a RB) for Drew Bledsoe (he had Bulger), TJ Houshmandzadeh and an injured Fred Taylor (I could afford to wait on Taylor, all but one of his RBs were injured at the time).

But just after that trade, I thought Warner always has to throw cause the Cardinals are always losing and have no running game, but he is injury prone. But I thought if I can get his backup and upgrade my #2 RB spot I'll live with him. So I traded Bledsoe, Mewelde Moore and Steve Smith (to someone who lost McNabb and was down to Kyle Orton as his QB) for Steven Jackson, Josh McCown (Warner backup) and Larry Fitzgerald. I hated to lose Smith (this year’s #1 WR), but figured Fitzgerald was just notch below, but Jackson was a huge upgrade at RB.

In the end, it was Taylor, finally healthy with a great matchup vs. Houston and McCown, playing for Warner who I had anticipated would get hurt, that led me to the win.
For those of you who don’t play… this might not mean much, but I know several regular readers who can appreciate the effort.

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