Monday, December 26, 2005

The Adventure Begins

I’m blogging from a Chicago hotel… having trouble falling asleep as a great adventure awaits. Tomorrow (actually later this morning) my family will embark on a journey to the Philippines. Just getting there with my mom, my wife, our three kids, my sister, her husband and their baby, my cousin, her husband and their two kids is going to be challenging to say the least. We’re flying Chicago to Atlanta… Atlanta to LA… LA to Anchorage… Anchorage to Taipei… Taipei to Manilla… to meet up with my dad… and then a two hour van ride to my dad’s hometown.

I haven’t been back since I was 15 and to be honest, didn’t really appreciate it then… so I see this trip as one of discovering my roots… really finding out what it was like for my parents to grow up here, what it was like to leave and what it is about the life here that seems to be pulling my dad back.

I will be learning about people with whom I shared great grandparents and great great grandparents… about the culture… about the area.

I’m not sure what access I will have, but I’ll try to share my experiences with you, my friends and readers.

Thanks to our house sitters and “volunteer“ cleaners for showings, to Josh for dealing with fantasy football commissioner duties, to Bart for handling Airwaves managerial duties.

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