Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Trading Deadline

Two of my fantasy football leagues have trading deadlines this weekend. In the Market 117 league, my team is in first place in the WMBD division (three divisions named after our three stations). But it is a hollow lead with three weeks left as I've lost Culpepper, Holmes and Owens.

My lineup the rest of the way looks like this:
Warner, Larry Johnson, Chris Brown, Steve Smith, Coles, Witten, Tynes, Steelers D/ST

Could probably play Mewelde for Brown if the match up is right.

Thinking about trading for a QB, but it's hard cause most of my depth is gone. A very deep team three weeks ago is now just a Steve Smith injury or Kurt Warner benching away from fantasy oblivion.

The team Bill and I share in Adam Nielsen's auction league is pretty mediocre. Lost Holmes, don't have Johnson. Hanging in sixth led by Joey Galloway. I'm throwing out a bunch of trades... we'll see if we can shake up our roster for one last run. We probably need a new draft strategy for next year, but I really think with this stuff, your first year is learning how the league works.

We're going to finish out like this:

Hasselbeck (or Bledsoe), Westbrook, Jamal Lewis, Galloway, Chambers, Gonzalez, Josh Brown, Ravens Def.

No trading deadline in the WMBD league... but we're in 6th out of 6 teams for points... tied for first in record.


Anonymous said...

I was reading through your blog and I just had to send you a comment when I saw the bad luck you were having. Wow, you lost Holmes, Culpepper, and T.O.! It is hard to have depth when those quality players get hurt for you. I also am in a few fantasy leagues where my depth is lacking. I also have a blog where I make fantasy football suggestions, including possible free agents. There are always free agents that can be picked up at this time of year that can add that depth you need. If you think that I could be of help, feel free to view my site at www.doctoru.typepad.com. Let's hope the rest of your players stay healthy! Good luck to you and your fantasy team. DR U

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what kind of league you're in, but at this point in the season, there are no free agents out there worth picking up that will actually help you make the playoffs.