Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Timberwolves Game

Had dinner on Tuesday at the downtown Buca di Beppo. I was reminded by my wife today that I had eaten at one before (in Columbus) but I didn't remember that's what it was called.

If you ever get a chance, check this place out. It's a chain, but not so widespread that the food/service suffers. It's family syle Italian, so even a small order of a meal is a lot of food. But it's really good and a fun atmosphere.

Then we headed over to the Target Center to watch the Clippers and T-Wolves. A pretty good game, although only KG really showed up for Minnesota. he had 30, everyone else shot about 30% combined. Corey Maggette was awesome. If he were more consistent, he'd be an all-star. It would have been great if Shaun Livingston was playing, but he's been hurt and I didn't see him on the bench...

Could be because we were in the upper deck, although second row upper at the Target Center is actually a really good seat. Tried to scalp tickets, but none of the guys out front had seats together. But one was trying to convince us that we could by his separate seats and "we wouldn't have any problem sitting together." His mistake was telling us the game wasn't a sellout... so we bought them inside.

I do like NBA basketball. Not nearly as much as college, but growing up in Milwaukee, I do have an appreciation for the pro version. Problem is people just aren't as into it through most of the game. It got loud in the fourth quarter, but that was about it. I was actually most entertained by the contest at halftime. They had a big hoop and a range of basketballs from giant to mini. Five people got a chance to make designated layups, free throws, three pointers and half courters with prizes from a hat for just the layup, to use of a suite for the half courter with the mini ball. One guy won it and the crowd went nuts. Probably the loudest ovation of the evening.

Met my friend Catherine for drinks afterwards. Like me, she started out in news, but now does PR at the university. I think that helps when you know the other side.

I'm not a big fan of traveling for work. Tough on Shannon. Thankfully, this was only the second trip I've had to take in eighteen months.

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