Saturday, November 05, 2005

Reality Versus Fantasy

I'm in three fantasy football leagues. Let me just say that playing fantasy football is significantly easier... at least on the body... than playing real football.

My friend "EWD" graduated from Peoria Central and he and some buddies have been playing a Turkey Bowl for 15 or so years now. He invited me to play today.

Just a little background. I love football. But considering my size and the fact that there were no flag football leagues that I knew of growing up... I've maybe played half a dozen times. A few times in gym class in seventh grade and a few times when a bunch of WMBDers would get together.

This game is great. These guys give each other all sorts of crap, all in good fun of course. They have flags and real endzone markers and mini dry erase boards to draw up plays in the huddle.

I know football fairly well, but knowing it... and recognizing it while playing/being able to execute plays are two entirely different things. I gave a decent accounting of myself... had four or five good runs and scored a couple of touchdowns... but several times I found myself a little lost. Oh... and just like in soccer, I'm a huge defensive liability. For those of you who don't know me, my version of defense is outscoring the guy who is guarding me.

But whatever. It's a lot of fun. I'm kind of dinged up... sore knees, sore shoulder, sore hip. I'm guessing it'll be worse tomorrow and Monday. Just hope I'm okay to play soccer Tuesday night.

Congrats to my QB Emad Malouf... winner of the MVP trophy for the year!

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