Wednesday, November 09, 2005

No Place Like Home

Phil Luciano writes a column as his parents are putting his childhood house up for sale. Good topic that got lots of calls on Markely and Luciano on my way home today.

When I'm home in Milwaukee, I will on occasion drive by the house where I spent much of my childhood. My parents moved to their current home while I was in grade school, but I had really good memories of the first house. It was much smaller than the one we moved to, but it was one of those neighborhoods where everyone knew everyone and there were lots of kids.

Funny story about that house... when one of my cousins got to high school, she went to some kind of drinking party. After a while, she was thinking, I've been here before and her friends are like... whatever. But then she basically led them on a tour... she knew what kind of room was where and what etc. Turns out... it was my old house.

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Gehly said...

I know the feeling. I lived in the same house from birth to college. my mom sold it while I was still in school. I still have to drive by it everytime I'm back in Iowa. most times, I don't plan to, but I'm always drawn there. I can still remember the living room furniture I grew up with for 20+ years sitting on the driveway at the moving sale. maybe next time, I'll go up and ring the doorbell.

BTW, just found out they're tearing down my old high school and building a new one right behind it.