Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Night Out... Just the Boys

Took my oldest to the symphony on saturday night. Not sure what I expected... I mean... he's four. But whatever... it was going to be good, solid quality time just the two of us.

It probably didn't help that he didn't have a nap. His eyes looked like big saucers as they began the first piece. He seemed fascinated by the sound and the motion of the bows (we sat closest to the violins). This didn't last long. At four, I'm guessing most kids need interaction. But really I just wanted him to see that music didn't have to involve four guys in colored spandex or a big dinosaur. When I was little, I went to the symphony fairly regularly for school trips. But by the second piece he was squirming and asking when we'd leave.

He clapped politely at all the right times, taking his cue from the crowd and as we left he said, "Daddy, I had fun."

So on the way home, I decided to take him to something he'd been wanting to do: we saw Chicken Little. It was actually pretty good and he loved every minute.

He on occassion asks me if we can do "something special together." I figure I need to now, before I blink and he's a teenager and wants to have nothing to do with me.

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