Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mall of America

Spent some time at the Mall of America on Monday night. It felt like my friend Brain and I made it pretty much around the whole mall in a couple of hours.

Odd things that struck me...

The first thing is the sign that says no guns allowed on the premises. You'd think this would be an obvious one, but I guess not.

Not sure how well the second sign works, but they have a rule that says no one under 16 on Fridays and Saturdays after 4, without a parent or guardian who is at least 21.

Lots of sporting goods/sporting apparel stores and multiple offerings of many of the same stores it seems... Gap, Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works to name a few... which would make you get specific if you tell someone to meet you at a certain store.

There is a place where you can pay to take a nap... with relaxing lighting and music etc. There is also an oxygen bar. Yes, an oxygen bar. I was making fun of it as I walked by, but realize I've become one of those bottled water people. But at least I'll admit it.

Stopped by the Bose store. They have little living rooms set aside for people to check out the TVs/stereo systems. I watched a few minutes of the latest Star Wars. I was thinking of getting popcorn and taking off my shoes, but I thought that might be bad form...

The mall is a good tourist attraction with the amusement park and all the stuff for kids, but I've been told by locals that they'll try to steer clear, unless it's to take out of town friends.

Caught MNF at a place called Boston's near the hotel north of the city. Good pizza.

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isuquinndog said...

That message about guns also is played over the loud speakers outside of the Metrodome where the Vikings play.

It's legal to carry a concealed weapon in Minnesota except where posted, such as the Mall of America. That's why that message is there.