Sunday, November 20, 2005

Fantasy Football - Trading Is Over

Okay... so I'm really into making trades and thankfully trade deadlines have passed in two of my leagues.

In the Market 117 (formerly WEEK) I made two big trades over the past two days. Needing a QB, I traded Chris Brown, Coles and Simms for Bledsoe, TJ Housh and Fred Taylor. Yes, it stung a little when Brown went for 2 TDs today.

But minutes later, I decided to go the rest of the way with Kurt Warner. So I traded Bledsoe, Mewelde and Steve Smith to the owner who lost McNabb (and was down to Orton) for Steven Jackson, Fitzgerald and McCown (in case Warner gets pulled or hurt). Of course Jackson stunk it up today, but I think long term he'll produce more than Brown. We'll see.

I also picked up Jackson in my auction league and gave up Galloway. Neither of them did anything to day so it was a wash. Long term though, I like RBs as they produce more consistently.

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