Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Converted Cheesehead?

As mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, WHOI's Monica Landeros is moving on to one of my favorite markets, Green Bay and a job at Packers' flagship station WLUK.

She says it'll be tough being a Bears fan, but I'm hoping to see her convert into cheesehead.

Green Bay is great... even if you're not a Packer fan, it does have that NFL thing going on. You can do some good networking that way, although it was probably better when the team was really good in the mid-90's. And it can be a good springboard if you want to keep moving. My friend Hazel went from there to New York a few years back. She and Nuzzo actually both started at the same station a few weeks apart.

Monica's going away party will be at Kelleher's on November 19th... around 9 or 10. Best of luck, Monica!

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Monica said...

hey edgar! i didnt even see this post until now!!! the move to gb has gone great. can't wait to start on monday. thanks for all the support! look me up if youre ever in town. -ml