Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Catching Up On Movies

Watched Oceans Twelve last night. It wasn't bad. Not usually a big fan of sequels. I really liked the new version of Oceans Eleven... just a lot of fun. One of those movies that I'd always get sucked into whenever it would come on. This one wasn't as clever. The whole Julia Roberts character "Tess' posing as Julia Roberts seemed to be a bit much. The Bruce Willis scene seemed forced. Matt Damon's character seemed to take a really odd turn from the first. Still worth seeing if you liked the first one.

Spanglish is next. Shannon and I have it TiVoed.


Anonymous said...

"Spanglish" is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Edgar-you're scaring me. Ocean's 12 "not bad" and Anchorman "not good." I forgive you as long as you think Office Space is still funny.

Edgar said...

I love that you've adopted the nickname I came up with that you insisted wouldn't catch on.

It's not that "Anchorman" isn't entertaining. I find it entertaining. But even when I watch crap I need a little more plot.

As you know, I love Office Space, but it's like they stopped writing at some point.

Maybe I'm getting pickier with old age.