Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bye Bye Jeff

Jeff Melbourne (actualy he shared that his last name is actualy Nau) has shut down his Peoria TV Stations blog. While I didn't agree with a lot of what he wrote, I had great respect for the time and effort he put into his blog. Best of luck with what ever it is that'll be taking up your time in the future.


Jeff Nau said...

Thanks Edgar... I appreciate your comments.

I continue to thank you for letting us (meaning viewers with no knowledge) in on what it takes and what goes on behind the scenes at our stations.

Lots of technical terms I never would have picked up had I not been reading your blog.

I say CONTINUE TO THANK YOU because I will be checking out your blog often.

Thanks Again,
Jeff Nau

Nau and then fan! said...

Hey... I must have missed this, but why did Jeff shut down? I enjoyed visiting his site and catching up on P-town. Good luck Jeff Nau!