Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Airwaves Continue To Roll

The Tuesday version of the Airwaves continues to kick butt. The final score was 8-2. Kelli, Mike, Spanky, Bart, Jeff and I all scored.

Last month I posted about an outdoor game against a team with a couple of real clowns. We played them again tonight. One of their defenders made a good play on me right when I got in and we both laughed about it. I really do try to keep it friendly as we start. Then two of their guys starting talking smack to me. One of them was that same idiot who was hacking me all over the place and whining to the refs during the outdoor game.

I love when people talk trash and then can't do anything. You really can't make yourself look any dumber. I especially loved when Kelli stuck him tonight, took the ball and left him in the dust. What I loved even more is dropping three goals on them and staring him down as I went back to the line.

Play clean, don't be a jerk and we'll all have fun. Start acting like an ass and I'll make you look like one. This guy is never going to learn.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Pretty arrogant aren't you? I understand exactly what you mean as I play in the same league, but come on...that post makes you look like a clown too. You said enough at the beginning, did you have to add the part about how great you are? Just a thought...

Edgar said...

My post is mostly venting. If you took it as arrogance, I can't do much about that.

I don't think I'm great at all. Far from it. I'm too heavy, my skills have eroded and I don't work all that hard.

But I do take satisfaction in scoring on people who put me down unprovoked... and this is my blog/journal. I was pissed when I got home and expressed what I was feeling.

Here I was laughing with one of their teammates and two of them had to go and start it.