Thursday, October 13, 2005

Long Time Listener...

I called in to the Greg and Dan show the other morning. With a name like "Edgar"... in a small town it's kind of like being named "Sting" or "Bono." (On a side note, when looking up names for our first, we found a book that listed "Edgar" as one of the names that is so far gone, it'll never come back.)

Anyway, they were talking about "guy" movies that when they come on, you just have to watch. And of course people called in with "Animal House" and "Tommy Boy" and "The Magnifient Seven"... all movies I would stop to watch.

I called in with two and set them up pretty good. I dropped "The Fujitive" and described what I liked about it... then out of left field shared one of my guilty pleasures: "Legally Blonde." Brought the bit to a screeching halt.

Greg called me after the show this morning... he described it as "radio gold." Cause apparently they got into another bit toward the end of today's show... related to looting... and if some kind of disaster happened in Peoria, where would you loot (this was a joke, to be clear). Someone called in and said they'd do Gander Mountain, but "if I was Edgar... Jeffery Alans."



Bill Dennis said...

Edgar: They are implying you are gay. Or at least a metrosexual.

Edgar said...

Thanks Bill, I don't think I would have gotten that. :)

Ryan Johnson said...

That was awesome! I only listen for a 20 minutes or so each morning and I just happened to have the radio on then.

They were still talking about it the next day which made it all the better.