Sunday, October 09, 2005

Airwaves Split

Tough game for the Digital Airwaves soccer team. They played one of the better teams in our league and lost 5-1.

Analog Airwaves won its game 7-2. I sat to start, but scored about 30 seconds after entering the game. Scored another a few minutes later. Really balanced game offensively as Jose, Noe, Trey, Bart and Lesley all scored in the win.

Just a couple thoughts on our game. Playing against hacks and whiners brings out the worst in me. I'll admit it. Not that their whole team was like this (most of them were cool) just a couple of guys.

Anyway, after scoring the first goal, I get the ball on a break. The defender starts screaming about offsides and instead of trying to actually defend the play, he just takes my legs out from behind, coming no where near the ball.

Later after, they misplay the ball, Noe scores and he gets tangled up with the goalie. As he tries to get up, the goalie drops an elbow to his back like a pro wrestler.

When this kind of crap happens it really honks me off. And then I turn into Mr. Attitude... talking endless trash... egging the jerks on after we score. Just my way of venting my frustration at this mentality that says trying to hurt people in a rec league is okay. Translation: we all have jobs that we have to go to on Monday and shouldn't have to do it so banged up.

I am not a very good player. I've got a bum knee and carrying 20 pounds more than I should be. If you can't guard me without hacking just to hack, stay home. If you can't stand being scored on... freakin play better.

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