Saturday, September 17, 2005

Wamp - ATMs

In honor of Beth Peterson, I've decided to start a new category of posts - wamp.

Melanie Gregg, formerly of 1470, used to call it "taking over the world bank." What are people doing at the ATM that takes so freakin long? Why is this so hard for some people? I waited five minutes last night while someone was apparently attempting to try every transaction the machine offers. Five minutes isn't a big deal, but it is with three kids in the car.

And I'm not talking about people making a deposit. I'm talking about those with the confused look... like every trip to the ATM is a new adventure. Is it that they have no idea how much money is in there? Are they cross checking the braile to make sure it was done right? BTW braile at the drive up ATM is also scarry.

If I ruled the world (and I'm working on that) long ATMers would have stickers on their cars so the rest of us would know to go somewhere else.

Okay, done wamping.

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Beth aka Lizzie P said...

I appreciate the wamp shout-out!