Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sports Galore

I had the fantasy draft for the Market 117 Fantasy Football League. I think I did pretty well. Priest Holmes was my keeper, then grabbed Terrell Owens (high risk/high reward) with my second pick and Chris Brown in the third round.

Trent Green was my fourth pick. I have this theory I'm putting to the test this year. I know there are some who play this game who like to go for a QB/WR tandem... so if there is a TD toss between the two, you get 12 points for one touchdown. I'm going with Holmes/Green a QB/RB combo in what might be the highest scoring offense in the league. This way (provided they both, especially Holmes, stay healthy) whenever their offense scores (banking that Larry Johnson doesn't get too much red zone duty) either through the air or on the ground, I will get those points. We'll see how it works.

Picked up Steve Smith in round 5 and rounding out my starting lineup are TE Jason Witten, K Todd Peterson (Atlanta, indoors) and D/ST Pittsburgh.

I've got five starters who may have injury concerns, but if they're lucky healthwise, I should be in pretty good shape.

In soccer news... the Analog Airwaves won 2-1 over the weekend. I scored one early, then stupidly went 1 on 3. Somehow after getting by the defenders, I got tangled up with the goalie and went flying. The three of them either got in each others way or just misplayed the ball because it ended up with our other forward at the time, Lauren, who blasted it home for our second goal.

I ended up with a bruised up left thigh, a pulled right groin and sore ankles... but as those of you who have a passion for sports know, it hurts less when you win.

The Digital team went up 1-0 early, but ended up losing 4-1.

No games this weekend due to the holiday, but look for info on what, if I were a wrestling promoter like Chad Dillefeld or Vince McMahon, I would bill as "Clash of the Airwaves" coming September 11th.

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