Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans Coverage

To be honest, I haven't been watching a lot of local news during my blogging hiatus. When I am watching news, it has been cable coverage of what's going on in New Orleans. Shannon has had it on a lot during the day.

Just watched a pretty powerful piece from former MARKET 117er Martin Savidge. His end track, under video of grief and desperation really summed it up for me:
This is not Iraq, this is not Somalia. This is home.

All this is still so unbelievable to me. So much of what we've been seeing are pictures of people in situations that, more often than not, I think viewers here are desensitized to... because it's usually happening somewhere else... somewhere far away.

I've only been to New Orleans once. It is a town steeped in tradition and history, shrouded in the mysterious... a place known for letting loose and embracing life. To see it like this is something I don't think we could have imagined, even when the warnings of Katrina were coming down. Damage to property was expected, but I'm seeing a spirited city broken and I wonder how they'll recover.

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