Thursday, September 08, 2005

Compelling Stories

Still watching a lot of the New Orleans coverage with great interest. Starting to watch localized coverage. If they post it online at, check out Melissa Dunton's story on the use of the word "refugee."

I had this thought earlier this week. I think some of the more compelling stories we'll hear will come out years from now... having to do with people who survived and decided to not just start over as many are doing, but leave behind their identities.

What happened was a horrible tragedy to be sure, but for some it could mean a "do over" on life.


Anonymous said...

If it's as compelling as the "Perfect Pump" story, I can't wait.

Edgar said...

My bad on the post title. "Compelling" was referring to the "starting over stories", but I do enjoy (sarcasm) when anonymous posters drop a clever (more sarcasm) dig.