Sunday, September 18, 2005

Celebration Time Come On

Congrats to the good folks at WJBC and all their alums. The station recently celebrated its 80th birthday. They are to the Twin Cities what 1470 is to this side of the market and maybe even more so as there is less of a television presence in Bloomington/Normal.

From Bill Flick's column

Those WJBC legends: If on the Bloomington Square tonight you see a "murderer's row" of such WJBC radio announcing alumni as, say, Ken Behrens, Marc Magliari and perhaps even Howard Packowitz, have your cameras positioned.
The gathering will be in honor of the 80th birthday of the legendary AM station, held at the Courthouse History Museum.
Tonight's event is invitation-only.
On Saturday, the station will host an open house for those of us who just listen to them talk into a microphone.
Also expected among alumni in a cavalcade of ex-wagging jaws and Sponsor Wheel spinners: Don Munson, Alan Sender, Stew Salowitz, Steve Vogel, Judy Markowitz, Lori Laughlin, Maggi Pratt, Adam Nielsen, Dick Luedke, Art Sechrest, Phil Supple, Dan Irvin and Don Newberg.
If that's not enough hot air to turn the courthouse's newly refurbished copper-top dome green again, it'll never happen.

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Anonymous said...

WJBC is much more important over here, I feel because of the lack of TV coverage. Peoria stations don't give B/N a lot of coverage unless it's something pretty big. Their website and station is our source of local news, along with The Pantagraph.