Monday, August 01, 2005

WMBD At 6 Tonight/Diet Day 1

Just a couple of thoughts...

Related to Jay's story... thank you NASA... I've got the "Sunday Ticket."

Related to Kimberly's story... I'm trying a new diet this week. I call it the "don't eat a bunch of crap" diet. I don't think that's as catchy as "Atkins." For those of you who know me, you'll be shocked (I hate the use of that phrase on the news, but it is appropriate here) to know I won't be eating burgers or pizza this week. Instead of bacon or a chocolate chip muffin this morning, I opted for a banana. I had chicken parm for lunch and apparently we're having some kind of chicken stir fry with brown rice for dinner.

We'll see how long this lasts.

Update: I ate all of the stir fry. It was pretty good... or as I told Shannon, "it wasn't horrible." I think I'm just bored with my usual diet. I'm very much a burgers, pizza, steak, chicken tenders kind of guy.

I really admire when people can muster the discipline to lose a big chunk of weight. Darrin did it by going with chicken and brown rice instead of steak and mashed potatoes. My friend EWD did it at the end of last year into this year. Not that these guys had weight problems, but they had a goal to be healthier.


Anonymous said...

almost as good as the "New Subway Diet" -- rather than eating crappy sandwiches, a big thug named Subway beats the snot out of you every time you reach for the cookie.

Edgar said...

That is excellent.

Anonymous said...

That "New Subway Diet" sounds a lot like the Saturday Night Live skit a few years ago when The Rock played a character called Nicotrel and his goal was to get you to stop smoking. Anytime you touched a cigarette, he'd beat you up. The best part was when The Rock took a pack of cigs out of his pocket, tossed it to the guy who had quit smoking, then beat him up claiming he was going to smoke them.