Thursday, August 04, 2005

Two Hellos

Two former MARKET 117ers people checked in with the blog via e-mail...

Kish Woodward formerly of WMBD is now a hyphen... Kish Woodward Lipscomb. After 31, she went to the Columbus, Charlotte, Raleigh and Atlanta where she got out of TV and now works in healthcare marketing. Kish fondly remembers the story that first got Shannon "hearting" me... the Polar Bear jump pack shot by Mary Brown.

Mike Colpitts also says "hello." He's gone back to his roots selling real estate in Destin, Florida. I posted a link to his site a while back.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to Do with this blog!!! I just figured you would look @ this!
Hell week starts Monday and I am really scared, plus right now it looks like I am the only goalie! AHHHH I could really use some advice! Just wanted to thank you for the time you took to help us this summer! Your the best thing that happen to Pekin Soccer. The new class is very lucky to have a coach that will teach them and guide them. I want everyone to know how good of a coach you are!

Edgar said...

Thanks, Jen. I have great confidence you'll be just fine this season and next and you'll succeed in whatever you choose to do after that.