Monday, August 01, 2005

Reality Reporters

As far as I know, WHOI still doesn't have a full time replacement for Todd and with Liza leaving WMBD, I've been thinking more about my reality show idea. I won't name names, but I will say that at least one news manager has e-mailed a thumbs up about the idea.

How about this:

You are Jim or Chris or Amanda with an opening. You get 100 tapes and narrow down to five... then bring the five in for "tryouts." You could probably get their rooms and meals in trade/sponsorship from local hotels/restaurants. Produce a local show, kind of like ESPN's "Dream Job."

There would be lots of room for promoting this... you'd get "free" labor for the duration of the show, they'd get tape out of it... you could have them on radio shows... or maybe do webcasts of their time in Peoria when the camera is off.

Like "Dream Job" there's room for audience interaction, voting etc. Unlike that show, you'd actually be choosing from a pool of qualified candidates. Like "American Idol" you could share some tapes that didn't make the cut. Truth be told, if I watch that show at all, I stop watching when they stop running "those" singers.

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Anonymous said...

Just like "Dream Job" I hate. Trivialize our profession even more. Make it a game. Where's the credibility? No wonder news is in a constant downward spiral if we have to trick viewers into watching us.