Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Not Much TV Or Blogging

Yard work, stuff with the kids... all better things than TV. Did catch 6 Feet Under and Entourage on Sunday night.

6 Feet Under was pretty powerful. Explored a wide range of emotions as the main characters dealt with Nate's funeral. Amazing how the writers work in things that are so messed up and so real all at once.


Alan said...

Nitpicky comment alert! Might be helpful to let the readers know you've got a spoiler coming... at least for those of us who don't have HBO and have to wait for the DVDs.

Edgar said...

My bad man... although I thought I was safe posting two days afterwards.

Not only that, but I'm going to guess the audience you describe as compared to my readers per day is fairly small.

But you're right and I think in the future, I will post any spolier type information in the comment section, that way people would have to click and they'd be warned ahead of time.