Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Looking Forward To Sunday

Sunday marks my return to the soccer field. I played a couple of times indoor and scrimmaged a few times while I coached this spring/summer, but for the most part I've been staying off my bum wheel.

But I love this time of year and I love this league. I started the Airwaves in 2000 when I was still anchoring weekends at 25. I had barely touched a ball in five years at that point. I quote/paraphrase Jonathan Ahl once a year when talking about this... "it's like being a kid again." Jon and I are the only two who have played all six years and for the past three seasons we've fielded two teams.

We play for fun and the rules I put forth that first year were simple: have fun, no one yells at anyone for making a mistake, and don't get hurt. It's that third one people have had trouble with :)

This league is perfect for my limited abilities. I'm not in good shape, what skill I once had has for the most part left me, and don't shoot particularly hard or well. But the field is so small and I can still change directions faster than most, that I will still score in bunches. My plan this year is to play as a sub when needed and from what I heard of our first game, that might not be very often.

Most of the teams/people in the league are pretty cool which makes it fun. There are a couple of clowns who seem to think hurting/hacking others is the way to handle getting beat, but they are in the minority.

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