Friday, August 19, 2005

Good Bye... Heart Of Illinois

As Jeff's blog has been reporting since Wednesday, Jill Wunrow is leaving WHOI. A tipster sent me an e-mail on this yesterday and I found out tonight what her future plans are, but I'll let that be official before I share that (or Jill, while we've only met once, if you'd like to e-mail me that it is cool to share, you can do that via the address up top).

Update: Jill is moving back to Wisconsin to be the weekend sports anchor at WSAW in Wausau. Like me, she's a big Packers fan and she'll live one of my dreams, to cover the green and gold. It is too bad it didn't work out the way she had hoped here, but this is a great move for her. Congrats, Jill!

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