Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Genius Of Our Generation

I borrowed my parents car to get back from Milwaukee over the weekend. At a stop for gas, I picked up two Mr. Goodbars in anticipation of eating healthier starting the next day. Ate one, threw the other one in the middle compartment. That was Sunday.

As I was headed to Walgreens for my medicine last night, it dawned upon me that I had left that candy bar in the car... for four days... in the heat. Not only did I feel bad from the rib thing, I had the worst visions of a compartment full of tapes (yes, tapes) covered in a chocolate soup.

I opened the compartment, bracing for the worst when I realized the genius of our generation. Remember how these candy bars and others used to be wrapped in foil with a the wrapper sliding over? Now they're wrapped in just a wrapper that is... sealed. So the chocolate soup was sealed... then put in the freezer... and now in my stomach. Not on the diet, I know.


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