Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Circle Of Life... In TV

On Jeff's blog, someone made reference to lots of people soon to be leaving a couple of stations and someone made a comment lamenting Liza's departure.

I know there are those out there reading who feel like this is a symptom that there is something horribly wrong with their station. They'll speak of low morale etc. But the truth is it's just part of the way things are. And to be honest, there is something dysfunctional about EVERY station... it's just how you deal with it.

As that comment in a previous post stated "easy come, easy go." But think about it: some people just want to move on to big markets or to their home market. Yes, we'd like them to do their best while they're here, but no place is the perfect home for everyone.

Some people want to make more money... and can you blame them? Plus, from a station's point of view, the turnover for certain spots is good from a financial standpoint. If everyone stayed, it would get expensive.

In February, I posted a link to something another former reporter, Alan Heymann, wrote about leaving before, and with at least one reader expecting other exits, I thought it would be a good time to revisit that essay.

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