Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Well Told Story

Question: How long should a package be?

Answer: As long as it takes to tell the story.

Okay, that won't fly depending on the station or the day or the show, but Sunday night's 10:00 show on 19 was a perfect example of when you give a good reporter/photographer team time to do it and time to tell it, that local news can still be a great source of wonderful stories.

Josh Brogadir and Dane Firkus told the story of a family who has lost one son to a disease and fears losing another. It was well written and well shot and ran 4:25 on tape (I had it on DVR). Thing is, it was well structured, much more like you'd see on a magazine show... and it moved. Good use of short bites and nat bites helped it along.

Kudos to the station for making the effort. Stories like this are often told in :45 seconds with a bite and a "how you can help" graphic... and while yes, I recognize you can't do this all the time, as a viewer I appreciate that the family was able to have this forum as they push for more testing.

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Anonymous said...

It was a phenomenal story and one of the most "award-worthy" pieces I've seen in this market in a long while. It had you glued to the screen and made you forget it was as long as it was. Hopefully Josh and Dane will get recognized come awards time next year.