Sunday, July 17, 2005

That's What I'm Talkin About

Flipping around at 10 tonight... hopefully some of you caught Susanna Song's package. I've linked to the text of the package about a guy who uses vegetable grease/oil to fuel his car and house. I linked to the text, but hopefully the video itself is posted this week.

Very well done story, much in the way WHOI's Josh Brogadir is telling stories the past few months. Here's what I liked:

1. Built in suprise: Susanna starts the story off at the restaurant talking about the grease and uses her standup (show and tell, also good) to transition to what the story is really about

2. Saves some of the story: starts with the car, moves into the house... doesn't lay it all out and then go back

3. Good nat sound: most of it was up front, but nice nat breaks (although there were a couple of spots where the nats seemed a bit high)

4. Full circle: brings the story back to the restaurant

Nice job, Susanna and whomever shot the story.


Anonymous said...

wmbd did that french fry gas story almost 3 months ago!

Anonymous said...

That's not the point.
The point was that the story was well done.

It's not exactly a time-sensitive story and I think the fact that WMBD did it three months ago is irrelevant... WEEK viewers don't know that.

Anonymous said...

"I've linked to the text of the package about a guy who uses vegetable grease/oil to fuel his car and house."

Yes, but was it done as well as the way I saw WYZZ's report of it?

Anonymous said...

"I don't know it might make you hungry,"

To think, I thought he would know.

Comma time!

Edgar said...

I don't know, Mike. Didn't see it. As my wife commented, that wasn't really the point of the post.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that WMBD's story wasn't better? Shannon, it DOES make a difference the story was done 3 months ago on another station. It may not be hard news, but a scoop is a scoop, even if it's a scoop of french fry oil. It just buys into the stereotype that all the local stations have the same news including features.

Anonymous said...

I was not saying WEEK did a poor job. I just did not see it there.

I can't get WEEK as much as I can WYZZ down here.

That's all. I was not trying to miss your point, and don't think I did.

I'll take your word that WEEK did a good job. (not that it's rare for their reports)

Of course, WEEK comes in more than WMBD does down here.

Anonymous said...

it is relevant that wmbd/wyzz did the story months ago. why should one station be able to steal another's stories? they enterprised that story's just laziness that week would come in and do it exactly the same way again.

Anonymous said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I want to be sure readers here know that I have worked for the Pekin Times, WMBD-TV, and WEEK-TV.

Having been out of the TV biz for the most part now for four years,(or at least mostly removed from it) I can tell you that the only people around here who really notice or care when one station scoops another are the people working at the stations. It doesn't matter if it's hard news or a feature... they just don't notice, plain and simple. Most normal TV watchers I know either watch one station all the time, or one at noon, another at five/six, etc... It's based mostly on anchors they do or don't like and therefore people they do or don't want to watch.

I think it's wonderful that WMBD enterprised that story months ago and I hope whoever did it is giving themselves a big pat on the back because they deserve it. But the fact remains that people who watch WEEK don't know and don't care. And I don't know Susana personally, but I seriously doubt she saw WMBD do the story three months ago and said to herself, "gee that looks good... I'll wait a few months and do that story myself... noone will notice." Chances are someone called the station about it.

This kind of thing happens all the time. Ask a reporter at the Pekin Times how many times they've seen a story they wrote months ago show up as "new" in the Journal Star.

Anonymous said...

Did Susanna smell the exhaust like the reporter from WMBD did to prove that it smells like french fries???

Anonymous said...

I talked to WEEK News Director Jim Garrott. Apparently, Susana did a story a few months ago about an organic farmer and got a call about the french fry guy (bet he loves to be called that) then. They decided to hold onto it for a weekend story, and that's what they did.

You know, the more I've been thinking about it, this kind of stuff happens a lot. I don't remember it so much when I worked at 31, but I do seem to remember at 25 we'd get a lot of phone calls that went something like this.."I've got this story idea for you... blah blah blah... and (insert competing channel or area newspaper here) is coming out... do you want to come and do a story too?"

It's actually pretty smart of them if you think about it. Marketing 101.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see the whole story... will have to leave Edgar to respond to that.

But I will say, it seems to me... if the guy is using french fry oil to run his car and it makes his exhaust smell like fries, well the obvious stand-up would be...

All of this has made us curious to see the WMBD/WYZZ (not sure where it ran as a pak at this point?) story.

Anonymous said...

Sorry... I misunderstood a previous post regarding the stand-ups, so please just disregard what I said about that.

I do stand by my assertion that people doing stories others have done happens all the time. It has been brought to my attention that it happened again today actually, but for the sake of (hopefully) letting this go, I'll leave it at that.

Really, it happens and it's not a big deal.

Anonymous said...

The orignal post is obviously from someone at 31 who's disgruntled about not getting the know what? It happens! It happens every day.

I'm sure you sit in your newsroom meeting and pitch a story and someone will say "19 just did that we better hold it a week or two." "25 did that last week. Let's wait on it." It's not uncommon. Especially since we ALL steal story ideas from the Journal-Star and 31 is the WORST at it taking stories that the Star enterprised and doing the same story.

It's just part of the media. When you see a good idea, you take it and try to make it your own. Your viewers don't know any difference....only the people sitting in front of the bank of TV's in the newsroom pay attention to that crap.

Edgar said...

I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

"......only the people sitting in front of the bank of TV's in the newsroom pay attention to that crap."

Oh yeah? Wanna' bet?

Anonymous said...

i think all of our local media are guilty of this. it's not like one station is going to break every single story... just like the paper won't break every single story. stories resurface in different places at different times... and that's just the way it is. so let's not accuse one station or newspaper more than the others.