Saturday, July 09, 2005

Tape Viewing Rant

I find this post hilarious, but I recognize too that I am a dork about this stuff. It's from Peggy Phillip, a news director in Memphis who has her own blog (I've linked to Peggy before). I had posted about agents in the past, but here's another person's persepective.

Tape viewing rant
If you're job-seeking, here's some advice for you.Today, Assistant ND Tammy Phillips and I spent about two hours viewing tapes. Carrie McClure's departure has been documented here and the opening has been posted hither and yon. I'm getting dozens of tapes every day and I wanted to keep ahead of the pack. Y'all are very aware, if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, about how I feel about
certain (not all) agents.

Today was a perfect example of why you need to know who/what you're getting into. I received seven tapes from this agent. With the seven tapes were copies of resumes and a cover letter suggesting that I might want to consider fill-in-the-blank for fill-in-the-blank. Three of the seven tapes were screwed up. There were slates on two of them and nothing on the third but white noise. Obviously, the intern in charge of dubbing screwed up. And screwed those clients. I am not going to take the time, based on a resume, to request new tapes. I have plenty of applicants who don't come with the baggage of an agent.Another agent did it differently. He sent a cover letter with four applicants. In the cover letter was a paragraph about each person, explaining why they might fit my needs. Congrats Roger Bell. You did it right. For me anyway.

Advice number A. Know your agent. Speak up if you're not sure about what he/she is sending out.My second story is shorter. I got a tape from a person who works for the same company I do. This person did not mention in his/her cover letter that he/she had discussed their intentions with his/her boss.I did what any news director would do. I alerted his/her boss.

Advice number B. Know your audience. Don't send tapes and resumes out without knowing where they are being sent. If you ignore the research part of a job search, you deserve what happens.

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