Sunday, July 17, 2005

Staying At Home

I'll link to the video if and when they post it. Lesley Stahl had a terrific piece on 60 Mintues tonight on "women who crashed through the glass ceiling and became successful in the workplace, but who then choose to go home and raise children."

It was of great interest at our house as Shannon is in year four of staying home. Of course, I contend that at times she's busier than she ever was working 40 hours at a TV station. But the story touched on a lot of things she's experienced/felt and I'm sure with two Fortune 100 companies in MARKET 117 that a lot of it was relevant to the growing number of moms who have decided to go full or part time with their kids.

Update: Upon further review, I've found the story is about nine months old and I've linked to the transcript, video.

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