Sunday, July 17, 2005

Station Identification

Among other things, Steve Tarter covers the need for stations to change the way they identify themselves once we've switched away from the current analog signals. He plugs a post on Jeff's blog for inspiring the topic.

Just a guess... (and I was talking with someone from one of the stations about this recently) but consider right now whether you're a viewer or a newsie... how do people currently identify the station? For the many with cable, yes they know WEEK is channel 25, but when you're out on a story, how often do you have to clarify that "it'll be on channel 10."

In other markets, some stations will identify themselves that way. So for example, in San Diego, the NBC affiliate is channel 39, but on cable they're channel 7. They are branded "NBC 7/39."

I would expect to see at least some of that here during the transition period.

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