Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Starting Down Memory Lane

This spring marked 10 years since I graduated from college. Not this weekend, but next, I'm getting together with a bunch of old friends. All of us worked together at the college television station. For the most part, you chose either news or entertainment as you got out of school. I was the only one to do both.

Of the seven of us getting together next weekend, the three who went into news are out... one works in healthcare, another does PR/marketing for a university and the third left the anchor desk to stay at home with her son and is expecting number two tihs fall.

Of the three who moved to Hollywood, two are still there and one is in Chicago expecting her first child this fall.

The short version of my journey is posted in the November 2004 archive if you care...

We had a great group during my time. Our class, the class of 94 and the two right behind us have sent more than a dozen people to Tinseltown and have reporters and producers in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Memphis and other cities.

Ten years has flown by!

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