Friday, July 01, 2005

One Year Out Of The Business

Today marks one year since I've been out of video/TV work all together, although I still get involved once in a while, whether it's fill in on camera/voice work, freelancing behind the scenes or volunteer publicity work etc.

Got my first paid TV job in the fall of 1993. Seems like yesterday. Made it almost eleven years and got to see such a wide range of the industry... news, entertainment, corporate.

I covered a presidential visit and El Nino... worked Hollywood movie premieres and traveled for shoots around the country and to 10,000 feet in the mountains of Peru. Along the way... I've made some great friends.

The thing is, most areas of this business are, for the most part, not family friendly, so my unsolicited advice to some of my younger readers is do it as long as you can and enjoy it while it lasts. It is a great ride!

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