Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Memory Lane

Meant to post this on Monday...

Not that my wife and I remember really obscure dates (we have a vauge idea of the date we got engaged), but July 4th is one and not just because of Independence Day. Shannon had been living in California for a little more than a month when she got an opportunity to freelance at my station... and they threw her out live. And much to my suprise, she was great.

Of course I knew she could report. Heck, she started out as a real reporter working at a newspaper. The packages on her tape were okay, but get her out live and man, she had "it." A few weeks later, one of the big events on the central coast, the California Rodeo, was up and running. Another girl who was doing some freelancing said something she shouldn't have and was let go. They brought Shannon for some more live stuff. Her work kept getting better.

Most of you know the rest... she ended up producing at the station, but her solid tape brought her back home. And it all started on the 4th of July.

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