Thursday, July 21, 2005

Marigold Musings

Watched WMBD at 6 tonight. Just a few thoughts about Justin's story...

When his standup tease came on, my 4-year old yells... "Daddy, that guy came to our house yesterday."

When they ran the video of Shannon walking down the runway, my 2-year old girl says "mommys getting married" (she seems to associate the crown thing with marriage) to which the 4-year old replies, "she's already married." What this says to me is that women are planning that dream wedding at a very, very early age. Earlier than even I thought.

My wife has been out of TV full time for 4+ years, but in that time she has been interviewed on 19, 25, and 31 and in both papers, for a range of stories from voting, to doulas, to a mother's group she helped start, to events at Pekin hospital, to car seat safety checks and now pageants.

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