Sunday, July 31, 2005

Macker Memories

Glad to read that David Booth was more than holding his own at the Macker this weekend. If you don't know him, he's a heck of a nice guy. Got to know him when I used to play at Landmark. I like to think I have a pretty good shot, but trust me, play "Horse" with David and he'll make you rebound for him after you lose.

This used to be one of my favorite weekends of the summer in Peoria. I played in half a dozen Mackers from 96-03... missing just the years I lived in California, last year due to knee problems and this year because of the reunion, but cause the guys I play with just haven't been able to make it down.

The media division was fun cause depending on the years, you play with a crowd. Basically it was overflow of spectators from the "good" courts.

I have but two really good memories of playing as mostly what I took away was borderline heat exaustion and a limp that lasted into the next week. In 01, after leaving TV, Brent Lonteen asked me to play for the 31 team. It was going to be me, him, Doc and Troy (a local deejay). I had played with Troy on 31's team that did fundraisers for schools... he is excellent, so I figured, yeah, I'll play, run around, feed him the ball and stay injury free.

Turns out Troy couldn't make it, so it was gonna be three out of shape guys and no sub. So minus our "ringer" there was absolutely no pressure to perform and I took it upon myself to be, in honor of George Costanza, "a chucker."

The funny thing was, just about everything I was throwing up was going in, including shots from the edge of the court with people in my face. The WMBD team won all three games that day. In some years, that would have meant the championship, but that year, there was a day two. We came back to earth and stunk it up on Sunday.

Two years ago was most likely the last time for me. As there was no media division, Steve Scheuer, Darrin Willhite, Brad Burke and I gave it a run in a standard division. We played pretty well winning two and losing one on Saturday. Those guys basically carried me most of the weekend, but I finally hit stride on Sunday and helped build a lead. Unfortunately, I was getting killed defending the post and sat down in hopes they could finish it off. We tied the game at 13 when I came back in. I inbounded the ball and called for it back right away then drained a long jumper for the win.

Brad and Steve both had to get going, so we told our opponents they could keep playing instead of giving the next team we were supposed to face a forfeit. That shot felt great and maybe there's something to be said for leaving it at that.

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