Sunday, July 24, 2005

Job Hunting For Dummies - Road Trips

Good post on Medialine about road trips. This topic came up years ago and someone there ripped me cause she was a manager in a touristy area and didn't want to be bothered, but whatever. Road trips when looking for jobs can be productive if you're flexible and polite.

My senior year in college, my roommate Shawn and my friend Nikki and I decided to do spring break out west. Nikki set up a meeting a station in Vegas and we both set up meetings at a station in Palm Springs. I was eventually offered a couple of jobs by that Palm Springs ND, but it just never worked out.

During my second year at 31, TOB and I took a similar vacation, with stops at stations in San Diego and Tucson... and I want to say she got at least one call out of that.

There is some thought that goes into to this, although I suppose you can cold call.

By the spring of out senior year, Nikki and I were both working at WISN. The AM/Noon anchor had come from Vegas and gave her a contact. In an effort to be near LA (and a possible career in Hollywood), I had written to both stations in PS (a really good story which I will get to in a future post) and started a relationship with one of the NDs.

When TOB and I planned our trip, my sister was living in Tucson. I made contact with the then main anchor at KVOA who was mentor to another friend of mine (and Joe was also a Marquette grad). In San Diego, the station we stopped at was owned by Midwest Television, which at the time also owned 31 and the ND was my old boss from Milwaukee.

These trips are a good way to network and if people are willing get feedback on your work... and it'll only take away a little time away from your fun.

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