Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Honking People Off


About three months ago, Dave Ransburg lost his bid for re-election as mayor of
Peoria. His political future seemed uncertain.But that quickly changed.At about
3 P.M. on Wednesday, sources told News 25 Ransburg would apply for the board
seat vacated by Aaron Schock. But when asked point blank, Ransburg told News 25
it had a scoop if that was true.About a half hour later, his resume landed on
the fax machine at District 150 headquarters.When asked why the change, Ransburg said: "There was a deadline. Had to get in by four."

I have steered clear of all things political since determining that using my blog to point out the stupidity of Pekin's mayor was a waste of time. But after seeing the 150 thing unfold today added to the fact that I will comment on something political if it relates to the TV coverage... I couldn't resist.

If Ransburg said to News 25 "it had a scoop if that was true", well then, they did I guess have a scoop (I have no idea if there was a firm "no" attached, if someone from 25 knows, feel free to share). At best it's cryptic... at worst, it's like the layoff announcement.

People can do what they want. I'm not one who thinks public figures should feel they have to make friends with members if the media, but I will tell you, it's better not to make enemies and this kind of thing honks some people off.

BTW, Lisa Miller at 31 did a good job with this story today and I liked her line of questioning as it related to the "11th hour" issue.


Anonymous said...

This is just another illustration of Ransburg's arrogance, a major reason that he wasn't re-elected. As mayor he didn't feel the tax-paying public had a right to know. Today, he continued to display that arrogance. He should be rejected by the school board.

C. J. Summers said...

Why would anyone want a compulsive liar on the school board?