Thursday, July 07, 2005

Good Is Really Subjective

I'm enjoying the "uncomfortable anchors" debate below, although usually I don't want to think too hard about this blog.

So how about this for a thought. Good is really subjective. How do we measure good when watching TV news? Some people think it's market size. Get to a certain size market and that means you're good. Maybe. Maybe not.

When you travel to bigger cities, watch the news. Once you get out of the "A" block, maybe in the mornings and quite often on weekends, you'll see reporters that won't knock your socks off. Not bad, just not as exceptional as you'd think if market number is your measuring stick. This will go for some anchors too. Yes, this is a broad generalization, but there is truth in there. Sometimes the cream rises and sometimes management hires sour cream for cheap.

But really watch. How often will you see someone who is strong live and looks good, but tosses to the mediocre package where a begining, middle and end with natsound is replaced by generic track and less than compelling bites?

Or how about anchors that have great teeth and hair, but read like they're just getting through "Hooked on Phonics?" I've written much about "the look" and having "it", but if I ruled the world, the people I'd choose to watch would all have much more.

But I don't rule the world and mark my words... as some of the people you're watching now look to leave, don't be suprised to see some who are marketable make huge moves while others who have shown to be more talented journalists get lesser offers. Good is really subjective.

I still maintain that those with a combination of both (ability and marketability, which I have previously written about) fly highest and succeed. But, again just my two cents, the measure can't just be market size... it's what you do for the people of a given market.

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Anonymous said...

watching news in some big cities in the last year has been pretty disappointing. I was prepared to be impressed in L.A., Atlanta, Tampa, Chicago, ect. just because it's a top 5 or top 15 market, doesn't mean they're any good. the best stuff I've seen recently was from a Nashville station(market 30)