Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Competitive Drive

Hey Airwaves... I'll get you rosters tomorrow... schedules will be out next Thursday.

I played a little soccer tonight... last open gym for the summer... 20+ kids... boys and girls. I'm trying to get in a little bit of shape before our Peoria Park District league starts.

I'm starting to wonder when I'll give this up though... the mind is willing, but the body isn't always. Not to say I wasn't holding my own with high school boys... on one play, I'm chasing after the ball running parallel to the top of the box, when in a split second I decided not to touch it or even try to control and put a move on the defender, but to run hard, overrun it and carry it back in. It worked, but it seemed to take a lot more effort than it would have even two or three years ago. Yes, I know I need to get my knee fixed, but I know it's more than that.

Over the weekend, I had an interesting conversation with someone about being competitive. I was asking her if she was interested in rejoining our team, but as she doesn't think soccer is her best thing, she's opting out again. I discovered she is very competitive and if you don't know this, it isn't unusual for really competitive people to not do things where they can't or don't think they can succeed at a fairly high level. That's why I don't golf.

So even after I get my knee fixed, the fact is you get older, you slow down, you need to adapt your style of play or you won't be able to contribute that much. Unfortunately all I do related to athletics is based on quickness. And being highly competitive myself, I'm curious to see how long it is before I'm a full time coach.

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